Dinner Hours

    Sunday - Wednesday

5pm to 11pm

 Thursday - Saturday

      5pm to Midnight

Happy Hour

   4pm to 6pm Daily



 Saturday & Sunday

     10am to 4pm


323 607 6944




1816 - A

North Vermont Ave.

 Los    Feliz


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Six Oysters
negroni mignonette, lemon,
fresh horseradish  19

    Farmers Market Crudites
 buratta ranch,
   concord grape vinegar  16
    Chilled Baja Shrimp
   clamato, giardiniera  18

   passion fruit nam jim,
cucumber, radish, cilantro  18
    Beef Carpaccio
chili crisp, broccoli,
         puffed rice  19

      Our Grilled Focaccia
   kimchi butter,
        buckwheat honey  8

Grilled Beets &
       Charred Cabbages

    stracciatella, ume mustard, walnut dukkah  16
  Octopus Al Pastor Tostada
 salsa taquero, charred pineapple, cabbage slaw  18

Gem Lettuces
   tahini vinaigrette,

     grilled celery, apple, grape, walnut, sumac  16

     Steamed Black Mussels
green curry broth, pickled pineapple, bub’s sourdough 17

 Crispy Brussels Sprouts
  caesar, parmesan, soft egg,
              bonito  15

   Uni Cacio e Pepe
  trofie pasta, tellicherry
     peppercorn, pecorino  24

      Fingerling Potatoes

   bbq spice,

      charred onion dip  12

Crispy Oyster Mushrooms
'eel' sauce, smashed cucumbers,
                   chiles  15

    Grilled Fall Squash
   pepita hummus, yuzu brown butter, pomegrante  16

  Cauliflower Shawarma

     pistachio zhoug,
          armenian salad,
  pickled dates, lavash  28

          Pork Chop Katsu
      burnt plum,
grilled chicories, shiso  39

   Crispy Whole Fish
  brown butter miso broth,
 braised lettuce, persimmon
    shiitake mushroom  38

     Prime Flannery Beef
           Hanger Steak

 ‘dad spice’, black garlic bbq, grilled fall
vegetables  39


Six Oysters
    negroni  mignonette, lemon, fresh horseradish  19

     Those Biscuits
       salted honey butter  7

   Loaded Crispy Smashed                        Potatoes
sunny egg, chipotle queso,
    salsa taquero  15

 Roasted Pumpkin Tartine
      grilled sourdough,
     pomegranate, mint  14

        Smashed Avocado Toast
  bub & grandma’s sourdough, soft boiled egg, sprouts  14

  The Burger
     secret blend, secret sauce, pickled green tomato,
house made cheese whiz  15
    add an egg 3  add bacon 5

       Bacon, Egg & Cheese
  heirloom tomato, avocado,
     aioli, potato bun  14
      Green Pozole Bowl
    poached egg, pickled onion,  radish, crispy tortilla  16

 Caramelized Kimchi Burrito
      bulgogi sausage, cheddar, eggs, potatoes  15

  Chicken & Waffles
      crispy chicken oyster, caviar, sake kasu crema  29
     Heirloom Cornmeal

our daily jam,whipped burrata,

     sea salt  15

Cauliflower Hash     
   grilled thick cut bacon,
poached egg,
   honey mustard glaze  16

              Rick’s Eggs
 scrambled or fried, grilled
        thick cut bacon, avocado, grilled sourdough 14

    Coconut Chia Pudding
        matcha, pineapple jam,
 almond crunch, market fruit 11

  Bowl of Farmer’s Market                 Fruit & Berries  7

rick’s egg; two fried or

                   scrambled  3
  grilled thick cut bacon  5
     one biscuit  3.5
        half avocado  2.5
grilled bub & grandma’s
                 sourdough  2.5
daily sorbet, accompaniment  7